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About us Greeting

About us


Greetings from the Congress President
Dear fellow members of the Korean Pediatric Society,
I am Young Mi Hong from Ewha Womans University Medical Center, and it is my great honor to serve as the Congress president of the society for the year 2019.

For this year's spring symposium, our main theme was "Environmental exposure and pediatric health." Fine dust pollution is a disaster that threatens the health and daily life of children and adolescents.
The Korean Pediatric Society hopes to play a leading role in responding to this issue and has established a special committee in February 2019 for this purpose.

In addition, the society is planning on promoting three social contribution projects.
1. Project for overcoming environmental health risks in children and adolescents
2. Proposal of a new child health policy to overcome the low birth rate
3. Project for pediatric health care interchange between South and North Korea

For the first project, we planned to cover various topics on environmental exposure during this spring symposium, having in-depth academic discussions and suggesting alternative measures. At the spring symposium, we had the Environmental Health Proclamation Ceremony and we announced 'Declaration for protecting children's and adolescents' health from detrimental environment conditions'.

We are also preparing to proceed with the second project, the proposal of a new child health policy to overcome the low birth rate, along with a proclamation ceremony during the fall symposium this year.

Currently, our country's low birth rate has been an increasingly concerning issue for all medical fields. Department of Pediatrics is especially sensitive to this problem. The low birth rate is a very serious problem that affects the future of our country. With a decreasing birth rate, there is a severe shortage of hospitals with Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Department of Pediatrics in rural areas. As Department of Pediatrics is in charge of healthy childcare, we will strive to promote policies that ensure safe child delivery and child health care, as well as publicizing these programs to the public.

I will try my best to cooperate with the subspeciality committees and pediatric primary physicians to make academic advancements and to share the progress with all members. Furthermore I will endeavor to strengthen the relationship with pediatric primary physicians, promoting active communication and deeper understanding.

I would like to thank you once again for allowing me to serve as the Congress president of the Korean Pediatric Society, and I will make every effort to contribute to the betterment of the Korean Pediatric Society. Thank you for your interest and cooperation. I thank you once again
Greetings from the Chairman of the Executive Board
Welcome to the Korean Pediatrics Society homepage
Distinguished members of The Korean Pediatrics Society,

Under difficult circumstances caused by the rapidly changing medical environment and the frequent use of the term "ultra-low birth rate countries" with relation to South Korea, I would like to express my respect and gratitude toward the members of our Society who work hard to protect the health of children and adolescents.

Our Society has witnessed remarkable progress due to the hard work of many industry seniors and fellow members despite numerous difficulties. With a different scope of application for our work, we must now fulfill our social responsibilities and contribute to medical treatment, education, and research. To this end, the 17th executive team, which was newly formed in November 2018, has been executing our responses to the changed demands and discussing, preparing, and implementing methods for further developments in our Society. First, we formed a special committee for future development with professor Son Moon Shin serving as the chairman. To protect the health of children and adolescents from harmful environments, which was the primary topic of the 69th Spring Conference, we have established an environmental health research committee with Professor Ji Tae Chung at the College of Medicine, Korea University, who serves as the Chairman. This committee is expected to play a pivotal role in research and associated activities at the societal level in this field. In terms of growth and development, which is the foundation of pediatrics, we have also invited Professor Young Hun Kim at the College of Medicine, the Catholic University of Korea to chair the development committee and he has already held a workshop under the committee.

In addition, we are developing and refining systems one-by-one to effectively conduct numerous activities, encompassing academic, educational, research, administrative, and social activities, that the Society must accomplish, such as revamping its website.

I sincerely request members' participation and support in the various projects that we believe will highlight the advancement of the Society as well as enhance the status of the members and the efforts of the new executive team.

Thank you.

[06626] 19 Seocho World Office 1606 Seouun-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul

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